Gifts for tha Chickenheads in Yo Life

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone (thank Zeus), and chances are you still haven’t finished shopping for Christmas/Chanukah/Festivus/Ullr Feast/Whatever-Pagan-Ritual-You-Support. Fear not: I have found the CUTEST gift idea for cooking enthusiasts, White Elephant, and host(ess) gifts (yes, you should ALWAYS bring a gift to a party, whether it be wine, food, or small token of appreciation. You’re not being invited to a frat house party, you loser. The host put time and cash into having your a** over. Don’t be that trash that shows up empty handed. Bring a damn host gift. But I digress….)

Kellyn Gowen is the owner of Crafty Chicken, and she makes the cutest custom aprons, bibs, and gift sets EVA. Kellyn gets my full support because she started making bibs and aprons as a means to fundraise for disability awareness. She is a gracious soul, loyal to her Memphis community, and I am honored to promote her. HOWEVER, it is when I saw a little girl being gifted this cute apron this summer that I nearly fell out:


The gift was presented with a cute Le Creuset rubber spatula and cookie mix or something of that nature. I mean, this is SUCH a cute idea to pair with an Easy Bake oven from Santa (Zeus, whoever). She also makes bibs for the kiddies, and they come in 3 different styles: modern, traditional and kerchief. What makes Crafty Chicken’s stuff unique is the FABRIC. Yea, it durable, but it’s FUN. Check out this bib for a boy:


Amazing, right? But her shiz is not exclusive to babies (because Lawt knows I don’t have nor want one in the foreseeable future). What I ADORE about her half apron design is that the belt is a chic obi belt. This detail may seem trite, but it’s FLATTERING. It gives the wearer a defined waist AND protects trousers/skirts/dresses when playing hostess. See that cute synergy right there?


Adorable, right? And, again, she has a whole mess of fabrics to choose from! And all of the aprons have pockets to store cell phones, recipe cards, whisks, emergency vodka airplane bottles, etc. Here’s a cute full apron for the menfolk:


And she even does reduced-priced Mommy/Daddy and kiddie sets!

unnamed-5 copy (2)

Perfect for the entertainers/aspiring chef’s in your life, the wares from Crafty Chicken are precious and extremely affordable. These are made locally, and they are from the heart. Check her out at and order from her. Ho Ho Ho and whatever.