It’s Monday, and You May Be a Basic B*tch

Basic: (noun) An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, action.


Transparent motives.

This is how Urban Dictionary explains “basic”. This new term is not a stretch from the Webster definition, which includes basic meaning “not including anything extra.”

I can simplify the term “Basic B*tch.” It’s someone that lacks originality.

Being basic is, unfortunately, incredibly easy to do in the South. Memphis does not foster new and unique retailers, styles and lines because there is a compulsive motivation for the women to all look alike. Every woman that wants to fit into the higher socio-economic prototype may feel compelled to carry the same bag and wear the same jewelry. When did a sea of Louis Vuitton bags and David Yurman start defining local style?


Bitch is Obvi Basic (Louis V not pictured) Courtesy of Elliot Tebele


Before you leave a nasty comment defending your expensive gear, note that I can appreciate good quality items like aforementioned lines. Many of the women I love fall into some of these habits of buying. I’d be a liar if I said I don’t do it from time to time. However, let’s all really be honest: women in Memphis buy the same things because we want to fit in. Individuality and bold expressions in fashion are not typically appreciated. For example, look at our formidable young ladies in college at the University of Mississippi. Instead of the ladies (again, not all, but many) exploring personal style, individuality and being playful with fashion, they fall in line. I find it very difficult to even tell some of them apart.

Webster defines “style” as “a distinctive manner in which something is done, created or performed.” If your style is not distinctively you, you have no personal style. Your style is basic.

Why are the creative juices not flowing as heartily here? Has affluence thwarted individuality? Would kids getting cut off encourage some individuality? I don’t have that answer. But I CAN tell you how to break the basic cycle.

Buy expensive or designer bags for quality, but make the piece unique.

Go for that LV or Chloe, girlfran. Just don’t get the tired piece everyone has. Even better? Do your homework and research up-and-coming labels or designers that make beautiful and high quality products and buy that. They reflect you, not the masses, and you can be ahead of the curve instead of riding the fashion rut wave. Designers like (click names for links to websites) Bizi Buenos Aires (for the younger or quirkier ladies), Jaunt Accessories, Hemsley London , Kika NY and Sevda all have high-quality gear that is JUST NOW getting recognized. All of them have extremely unique structure, interesting color palettes and modern textures to choose from.

Sevda "Melissa" tote

Sevda “Melissa” tote


Sell your dated or basic shiz and invest in local costume jewelry

Cindy at Kittie Kyle, Renee at Lavish, Carmen at Social and Julie at Lansky’s are a few examples of local boutiques that carry great local jewelry. Local Designers like Cheryl Pesce, Becca Belz and Myrna Halpern can be found at spots like these, and they all make unique and beautiful pieces that are one-of-a-kind.

Montage Line by Myrna Halpern

Montage Line by Myrna Halpern


Dress for you, not for them

Research for other style blogs that have authors who reflect your tastes. Branch out of Southern territories, too. I love Sara Strand and Hallie Daily.

If wearing a cheap-o handbag that looks cool makes you feel cool, you should certainly wear it. Scared to try a bold lip because the mean girls don’t wear it? As my delicate-as-a-rose mother would say, “Piss on them.” Indeed, wear it because it is FUN and YOU, personally… not basically.





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