It’s The Freakin’ Weekend

And I could not be more thrilled.

After all of this yoyo-ing in temperature, getting a magazine out and the drizzle ruining my suede, girlfriend needs a barrel of wine to unwind. I’m gunna take a wild guess and assume you’re over the work week, too. Her are some things to blow off steam and keep you occupied this weekend (and how to dress appropriately):


Grizzlies vs. Spurs (FedExForum) 7 PM:

So Gasol may be out, but I am definitely in. We have had a great season thus far (minus a couple of hiccups), and so the FedExForum is packed on the reg for home games. I am always a fan of wearing Grizz gear UNLESS it is a weekend game and I want to show out. Wear navy to the games: it’s the color of the season, plays nice with most other colors, and it’s a Grizz shade. I like pairing navy with winter white and lighter neutrals. Check out this bag from Peter Nappi. She’s available at Oak Hall, and she plays nicely with all colors, and whether you are casual or churchin’ it up a bit.


Tool Box Bash for Habitat for Humanity (Great Hall of Germantown) 7 PM:

No one wants to play the dress-and-stockings game when it’s rainy outside. You could NAIL this event in a cute jumpsuit or trouser and jacket combo. You could be supa froggy and rock the blazer sans tank or pair with a peep of lacey bra.


Jumper, Emma Watson

Jumper, Emma Watson


Chic Suit, Margot Robbie

Chic Suit, Margot Robbie

You can find great jumpers and menswear separates at Lori James in the Regalia Center. Don’t feel like shopping/Santa sucked you dry? Raid your closet and pair a nice pair of trousers and a blazer, wear sleek hair and a bold lip. Look at you; you’re ready ta go!



St. Jude Marathon:

If you live in midtown or downtown, I suggest you cancel plans out of walking distance, because this race is a day-ruiner. I have bought some sparkling rose and plan on waving at runners/making them wish they were day drinking instead of running. However, there are some great brunches available on a Saturday. I suggest midtowners make it to The Beauty Shop in Cooper/Young or over to Local on the Square if you are on that side of the fence. Layfayette’s on the Square also has brunchy stuff available, and they have great entertainment, too. Downtowners should elbow over to the Majestic Grille and drink a Majestic Mimosa for me. All of these locales offer a great view of the overachievers running.

I would go a bit more casual so you don’t look too bourgeoisie against all of that LuLu Lemon and Brooks Running gear (wait….. that’s all bourgie, too). Peridot is a new cute place on Cooper next to Strano, and they have super cute and AFFORDABLE sweatshirts and sweaters, much like the one worn by my December covergirl (shameless plug):


Think riding boots, jeans, flannels, vests, and chunky pieces. You will need to be comfortable, because it’s lots of work watching others work out.



Go To Church. You Probably Need To Repent.







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