Gettin Weird, CYC Farmers Market-Style

I know. I know. No posts in over a week. But lay off me, because I just moved. Everyone knows what a pain in the a$# that is, but my new digs are beyond worth it. Sure, my bathroom walls look like a Smurf imploded on them. Sure, the foundation is tilting. Sure, the yard isn’t totally fenced in, and what is fenced is tragic. So why am I excited? Because I am back in midtown Memphis, brosef, and that’s where shiz gets weird… in a fun way.

Located in the heart of Cooper Young, my pad is perfect for Memphis food and bev exploration at its finest. I can’t wait to barrage you people with post after post on the awesomeness of what I am calling the Great Midtown Revival. However, let me begin with my seemingly innocent early excursion I had this past fine Saturday morning.

April is amazeballs because it ushers in farmers market season. The Cooper-Young Farmers Market is no exception. I bee bopped my way on foot the whole block distance from my pad to the parking lot of First Congregational Church (affectionately known as The Congo) for the deal. Lo and behold- Memphis Made was slinging beer and the fest was having a crawfish boil. It was a breakfast made in heaven for a-holes like me.



I buddied up to the brewers of Memphis Made and super enjoyed their IPA.


Alex and Andy: Memphis Made


I learned how to properly eat a crawfish.

I purchased awesome preserves from Jones Orchard, then I peeped some adorable macaroons.


Adorbs Offerings from Pistache


I bought farm fresh eggs.


I also listened to great local music, watched hippies frolic, observed families enjoying themselves, etc etc.


Penny Poems



Diggin' on Local Farmers

Diggin’ on Local Farmers

All good things. All midtown. All Memphis. Go get you some every Saturday morning from 8 AM until 1 PM at 1000 South Cooper Street (at the corner of Walker Avenue and S Cooper Street.)



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