Making Monday Suck a Little Less

Holy crow. Monday came in swinging and robbed me of dignity and decorum, much like the beating Virginia gave my boys Sunday. In fact, there is usually a direct correlation between a team I love losing and being “over-served” later. Mondays find me usually cloaked in the fear and juice cleansing in order to eradicate all bad ju ju. One of my besties Stuart is supa familiar with this maneuver, but today he upped the ante an eff ton. Here is his alternative to straight health food and denying yourself some primal rights:

Stuart’s Monday Whammy Drank

2 oranges
One lime
2 tbl agave nectar
Tequila at your discretion

Use a Breville or other juicer to juice down oranges and lime. Add some nectar then tequila to make the best margarita eva.

Cheers, jerks.



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