Brow Beating

If your eyes are your window to your soul, ask yourself: is your window that of a newly-remodeled Tutor-style home with amazing baroque treatments and sparkling panes, or is it that of some crack house off of South Parkway that is all boarded up with cardboard and foil?

Let me tell you that you are most likely not framing your eyes as you should. This is because WAY TOO MANY of you over-tweeze or over wax. In this scenario, pencil thin IS NOT IN (unless you are a stripper and have a matching eyebrow and labret ring, in which case, please proceed in destroying your eyebrows because that is the least of your worries).

According to the pros at Eden Spa and Laser, repetitive over-tweezing and waxing eventually causes hair to stop growing. This is awesome news for the ladies who just keep it simple with stray maintenance. This is crap news for the ladies who have not been following their natural shape of brow.

Now I am not saying everyone needs to look like Cara Delevingne and Lilly Collins. What I am saying is that your natural brow shape should be your guideline. Exhibit A:


My brow shape is a bit on the fuller side, and because it is my actual shape, I should respect my brow and not rape her to death with wax. Here I have drawn a line to indicate exactly where my wax should not cross up. Ashley Rueff of Eden says many times her clients come in with lines drawn. However, she is a pro and completely understands that the thicker, the better. (ehem)

You should NOT MESS WITH WHERE YOUR BROW STARTS BY THE TOP OF YOUR NOSE’S BRIDGE (Unless you look like Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans).

The line should hit closely to the outside of your nose:


Likewise, the outside should hit in a direct line of your brow, eye corner, and outside of your nose:


This symmetry is classically attractive and works, people!

Also, if you brush your brow upwards, you can trim them slightly should they be too long. Wanting to grow those suckas out? I recommend taking a Biotin supplement (good for hair and nails, and it makes your hair grow like crazy). If you have thinning brows and want some more growth, check out RevitaBrow at Sephora; it is supposed to work miracles. Also, do not be afraid to use makeup to enhance the boldness of your brow. Makeup pro Tiffany recommends the brow palette from Glo Minerals (sold at Eden Spa and Laser) to create a fuller, bolder brow.

In this case, bigger is always better, ya’ll. So like I tell the boys: go big or go home.


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