Wearabouts for the Weekend of 3/14

As Editor of a magazine that promotes nearly every damn function in town, it always slays me when someone cries, “Wah! There’s nothing to do in Memphis!” Those people need to move to Bozeman, Montana, and then talk to me about nothing to do. Then, go to your app store and download Memphis Pop. It is an amazing app (think 30A without the lame sticker). Their event tab is pretty amazeballs.

For all of you looking for something to do and something to wear while you are doing it, this is my Weekend Wearabout:


Sister Hazel and Ingram Hill at the Orpheum (8 PM)

This is a casual affair. There will be a gazillion “Houston High School Class of 2002 alum” types there, and they will all be judging one another. Look cuter than everyone else in printed skinnies and these ADORBS bracelets from Lori James. They are from a line called Gypsies and Debutants (2 of my middle names), and Lori has them in all shapes and sizes! bracelets


St. Paddy’s Day Parade (3:30 PM)

Head downtown and join the gaggle of goobers donning green and drinking copious amounts of beer for the Beale Street St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Silky (God rest his rad soul) had a pension for pretty ladies, so out of respect for his memory, do not wear tennis shoes or some heinous flats and look stupid. Ladies should try to always wear cool kicks, no matter the situation, and these sandals by COCOBELLE are so darn cute that the comfort factor is a secondary plus. You can find these at Lavish out in Collierville (the place is WORTH the drive). They will look great with ALL green garb.rainbow snake sandal   cocobelle (2)

JC Runyon Foundation Gala at the Memphis Botanic Garden (6:30 PM)

This event is an open-invite charity for kids living with substance abuse and/or psychiatric disorder. The dude who plays guitar for 3 Doors Down is the honoree, so there will be rad music. The Gala, which is open to the public, will begin with a cocktail reception and silent auction and end with music and dancing courtesy of DJ Flexx of Orlando, Florida. Tickets are $125 per person or $1250 for a table for ten. For more information see www.jcrunyonfoundation.org. I would wear something more rocker-chic then a dress. Try Oak Hall for a cute romper or jumper and pair it with some cute heels!


Brunch.. You should always brunch on a Sunday. Give Second Line in Midtown a try. And try not to wear shacker clothes or what you wore the night before.

Enjoy your weekend, Memphis Misfits, and I will post cute street wear as I see it! Until Monday, do not dress like an a-hole, please.


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