Manage Your Nappy Tresses

Today I skirted a full-blown disaster: I broke the cardinal rule of hair care when my regular stylist, Jody Brown of Up City Salon, was not available for my last minute appointment, and I let someone else cut my hair (You see, I was hosting a party for the magazine the next day, and a “friend” told me I had hair like a Grizz Girl. There is nothing ok about that statement.)

The result was terrifying; I am talking a children screaming, gay friends gawking, churches burning catastrophe of epic proportion. After tears and fitful shouting, I reached out to my forgiving Jody and had her fix my mop. Luckily, she is one of THE BEST in Memphis, and 911 hair ops are her specialty. Here are my befores:

hair1hair2Would you look at the back of that hair?! Holy Zeus! It looks like one of Honey Boo Boo’s relatives attacked my ‘do with a weed whacker.

Jody specializes in dry cuts, and that is supposed to be better because you see exactly how the hair is going to look dry (duh). Fresh off of the plane from giving a seminar in NYC on hair (yes, she is that good), Jody hunkered down to my weave and started snipping. She gave me some SUPER helpful tips that Ima learn you right quick:

1: When you wash your hair, really give the scalp a good massage. Rinse. THEN wash again. “Really massaging the scalp and getting the blood flowing there stimulates hair growth and promotes healthy hair,” she says.

2: When conditioning, towel dry your hair first. This allows the conditioner to really be absorbed, as you hair is not sopping wet and unable to absorb as much. Let it sit while you shave you legs, pits, etc, and then rinse with COLD WATER to lock in moisture and shine.

3: You should clarify your hair monthly. This is because styling products can create gunk and build up, making you hair easily tangled and not as soft.

So here I was, taking in her sage advice while this is happening:

Go, JoJo, Go!

Go, JoJo, Go!

She let me know my hair would hit my clavicle, which is one of three hot lengths for Spring/Summer 2014. Pixie cuts and Super Duper long hair (below boobies) are the other two trending cuts.

I am super happy with my result:


Book an appointment and get your hair cut, and if you are unhappy with your stylist, call for Jody or anyone else at Up City (901-590-0191) for an appointment. They pride themselves in you wearing great hair and not having your hair wear you. Someone should tell some of these girls around here that excludes chunky stripper highlights and clip-in weaves. I suppose I just did.


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