Welcome, Ya’ll

long look backWelcome. For some of you, this blog will be a familiar tickling sensation that you have missed for two years: like your love-worn cashmere sweater just unearthed from the back of your closet and brushing against your skin for the first time this season. You may have been a fan of Foodie Call Girl, but please stop asking for her to return. She died. WIOM Stephanie is a lot more bad a$*. Some of you will find this blog a new acquaintance and source of entertainment and even advice. Let me preface with the note that my writing is, in my extremely modest opinion, life-altering and prolific. However, my subtle sarcasm (see what I did right there?) and crude allusions may offend every sense you have, grating on your nerves, horrifying you and making you question your dignity. If you find yourself experiencing prudish tendencies such as leaving negative comments, tweeting anti-WIOM commentary, or calling and telling my mother what a horrible human being I am, please rest assure that you may stop reading at any given moment, and chances are I can find out where you live. Otherwise, please let me list my credentials:

My background is in journalism and culinary arts. After selling a wholesale baking company called Sticky Fingers, I began working as Editor at a Memphis-based magazine that features fashion and culinary editorial as well as society pages. I style the fashion for aforementioned publication as well as several clients in Memphis. I am young(ish), and my writing is for the young(ish), or those young at heart. If my language offends, please keep it to yourself, as my parents have tried for decades to clean up my vulgarity, soap tactics and all, to no avail. If you calm down and just read, I may learn you something.

This blog will cover my take on the subjects surrounding fashion and food, particularly Memphis fashion and food, and what I would like to see happen for Memphis fashion and food. Clothes and comfort food are easily affiliated to one another. Both make a man or woman feel sexy. They are a representation of who we are and how we feel. They provide a source of comfort, entertainment and distraction. Tastes in both categories are constantly evolving through different experiences and adventures. When you want to enjoy a nice meal out, you dress to impress, right? DUH. Memphis is one of THE BEST PLACES to explore the evolution of food and fashion, the two’s relationship, and how you schmucks can improve upon both. If you think I am crazy, consider the following, a-hole: Memphis is a sexy city. Yes. Sexy. Despite the fact that some yuppie loser at Forbes wrote about the unattractiveness of people in Memphis, we have something that “pretty people places” like Charleston or LA lack: soulful style. Men and women in the backs of our restaurants and kitchens do not simply pump out faddish food that looks like some kindergarten art project. Nope. There is love and southern passion mixed with grit and grease back there with a few line chefs two-stepping to 107.1 or busting a gut to Luke Bryan. Guests to these restaurants are not wearing couture or label lusting. As ground-dwellers on the economic totem pole, Memphians are forced to be creative in our frugality, fashioning looks that astonishingly combine southern over-the-top bedazzlement with preppy frat boy swag with Orange Mound urban flat-billed flare. I am not here to tell you to spend a bunch of money. I am here to tell you what is happening elsewhere and how to make it work for us here. After all, we are a town of mash-ups: multi-cultural, rich and poor, Swarovski and bacon fat. That is Memphis. It is who we are. And I cannot WAIT to exploit the S%#T of Memphis’ fabulousness.

Please keep reading me and follow me on Twitter at Steph4Memphis for additional  ridiculous thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Welcome, Ya’ll

  1. Ashley says:

    Someone recently said to me “Memphis is a city that everyone bitches about but they never leave”. It’s the truth. Curiously enough, anyone that has moved away, has moved back. Memphis draws people in, mysteriously magnetizing all that it encompasses. I am aligned in your embrace and exploitation of Memphis’ fabulousness. Not enough people are willing to admit how alluring, bewitching and all around gratifying Memphis can be. It is due time. Should be interesting unfolding from that brain of yours.

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