Love love love this necklace by local designer Myrna Halpern! Her stuff is AMAZING with Swarovski crystal, sanded stones, leather, and other cool shiz! Most of her pieces can be worn with casual or dressier attire.

You can go to Kittie Kyle in Chickasaw Oaks Shopping Village and check out a butt ton of Myrna’s stuff!


Fuel for Foodie Beastmode

If imitation is a form of flattery, then I am stroking blogger The Vulgar Chef’s ego like a cheap Ecuadorian lady of the evening. Known for his off-the-wall creations that usually involve hella carbs, mac n cheese, ramen, peanut butter or everything fried, this kitchen hell-raiser took it a bit easy on his (what I imagine to be) massive keg of a gut and combined three of my favorite ingredients in one post: chicken, avocado, and fried egg. (

I bet you are thinking, “But Stephanie, I had a Fried Chicken Cobb Salad with all that in it just yesterday!” Lemme learn you a little something about simplicity, puddin pants: nature did not intend for our bodies to digest a myriad of ingredients, half of which are processed and chock-full of cra cra. Now I am not saying I do not enjoy a great dose of sick truffle fries in pimento gravy, but this simple recipe packs protein and potassium and awesome.

Start with avocado and half it lengthwise. Remove the seed (did you know an avocado is actually a berry?!)


Next, fry an egg. Ya know, in a greased or non-stick pan. I like my egg runny, so when the whites around the yolk lose opaqueness, cut away the rough fried outside and place the tender part to where yolk is over the pit hole: (that’s what she said, that’s what she said)


Next, I used roasted chicken (theoretically organic) and put it on the bad boy. Add a dash of Cajun (or dry rub or whatever) on top and you have got yourself a BANGIN light lunch or dindin.

Now, because I put the hip in hypocrite, I felt obliged to add some sour cream:


But I churched it up with a side salad……Then some Franks, because Franks goes on errthing.



Making Monday Suck a Little Less

Holy crow. Monday came in swinging and robbed me of dignity and decorum, much like the beating Virginia gave my boys Sunday. In fact, there is usually a direct correlation between a team I love losing and being “over-served” later. Mondays find me usually cloaked in the fear and juice cleansing in order to eradicate all bad ju ju. One of my besties Stuart is supa familiar with this maneuver, but today he upped the ante an eff ton. Here is his alternative to straight health food and denying yourself some primal rights:

Stuart’s Monday Whammy Drank

2 oranges
One lime
2 tbl agave nectar
Tequila at your discretion

Use a Breville or other juicer to juice down oranges and lime. Add some nectar then tequila to make the best margarita eva.

Cheers, jerks.



Spring According to Valentino and Dolce


Rustic old-world Italian is supa in, just in time for this Almafi Coast-ish weather, and it is only appropriate that 2 Italian style powerhouses are bringing their designs back to their roots. Love it. Go with lacy/crochet fabrics, ladylike leather fringe, and gold medallion details for a fun and sunny style that lends a bohemian vibe. Also diggin’ on the gladiator-inspired shoegame that is resurfacing this season. Try it out today! (Goat not included. In fact, leave the goat and whatever you do with it at home).


Wearabouts for the Weekend of 3/21

Thank Zeus it’s Friday, and a glorious weekend it is! With March Madness and the Grizz attempting to stay in playoff running, Memphis is ushering in another spring of bball fever in Hoop City. However, let us not forget that jerseys and jeans are not always acceptable ‘lest you are posted up at a bar to watch or actually attending the gaming fete.

More artistic that sport fan? Mane, I got you covered, too.


Memphis Grizzlies take on the Heat in Miami (6:30 PM)

Root for the boys on Sports South, ‘cuz we gunna need it. Miami is the numero dos team in the East, and unless someone Nancy Kerrigan’s Lebron James (do not test my gangster), TA, ZBo and Co will need all of the good karma and well-wishing they can get. If you have not been to Max’s Sports Bar on GE Patterson  (by the Arcade), then you are missing out. Owner Max is a MASSIVE Grizz fan, and it is a great place to enjoy Memphis hype in all of it gritty glory.

Unless you are posted up at a sports bar, leave the Grizz gear at home and opt for a more subtle nod, like wearing navy and yellow (which is huge for spring, anyways). Do not forget that nights are still chilly, so layer up!


Fun Look from

Theater Memphis: Jesus Christ Superstar (8 PM)

Support local theater and go see this ridiculously-amaze rock opera loosely based on the Gospel’s account of the last week of the life of Jesus.

This Andrew Lloyd Webber CLASSIC is pure late 60s, early 70s iconic culture at its finest, so wear some easy denim and fun leather fringe or colors up top. In fact, Lavish in Collierville ALWAYS has something tie dyed yet chic, and they carry the Hard Tail line that has comfy ombre and cool dip dye, which is super far out for this show.

hard tail


Memphis Ornamental Metal Museum: Iron Pour (7 PM)

Bee bop just after sunset on the bluff to watch their staff melt down old iron radiators and cast works of art.  See more at:

This is a very cool and artistic gig, so do not dress like a boring prick. It is a perfect opportunity to try your hand at VINTAGE; go to Flashback on Central Ave in midtown for something as original as art.

Memphis Grizzlies play Indiana Pacers (7 PM)

Our Grizz head-off against the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE EAST. Tickets are still on sale for this home game! Trust me: upper terrace seats are still amaze (those are usually where the hardcore fun drunks sit). If you do not feel like schlepping it downtown, I suggest heading to Next Door in Copper/Young. They have a ton of flat screens, a really extensive beer list, and brisket nachos that are damn near impossible to rival. It is the best non-sports bar for sports fans.

This is a huge HOME game, and whether or not you can groove over to the forum or park it at a bar TV, you absolutely need to wear Grizz gear (or  some blue and yellow wherever you may be going). Even if we do not win, do not dress like a loser. Sache on Main Street downtown has AMAZEBALLS Grizz gear that spans men’s tees to women’s cute tops and fun hats, all with original Memphis-centric lingo:

grind shirtsacheThat is all you need to really know about the weekend. Be sure to keep Sunday Funday alive and brunch local. I will post as I see fit (assuming I can see straight at all).